Frequently Asked Questions:

Nektr is a Utility and Governance gateway Token on the Polygon Blockchain (POS).

Nektr is a utility token that generates liquidity from the usage in, social DAOs, Nektr Apps and Api service.

Yes!! Nektr team is completely KYC and are registered under a the LLC of N3ST3D Labs in the United States.

Any user who has a Metamask or Trustwallet and completes all tasks provided they dont exit the Social Channels before the airdrop goes live.

Nektr Presale is a Global public offering that anyone from around the world can take part in provided crypto is legal in their countries. USA users should take special note of federal and state requirements for accreditation prerequisites for pre-sale investments .

The presale link will be provided on the website and all social media platforms on July 15th. The presale will remain for 48 hours or until the hard cap is reached, whichever comes first.

Nektr will be available on QuickSwap NKT/MATIC pair and SushiSawp NKT/WETH pair both pairs will be on the Polygon Blockchain.

Feel free to contact us at