Web3 Payment and Governance Gateway

Welcome to NEKTR, The Utility and Governance Token existing on the Polygon PoS Blockchain.NEKTR token (NKT) will redefine the intersection of lifestyle applications/ Web3 Commerce (products and services) on the blockchain.

⭐   Governance Token for N3ST3D Social DAO'S

⭐   Native Payment and Subscription Application P2P/B2B

⭐   Liquidity Tax set to Buy 5% and Sale 5%

⭐   Team KYC and Contract Audited

⭐   Max Supply 400 Million NEKTR

⭐   Polygon Blockchain (Pos) MATIC & WETH trading pairs

⭐   Powered by N3ST3D Labs LLC

Token Distribution

The maximum supply of Nektr is set to 400 million NKT

75% Burned at luanch.

14.995% Locked Supply (Secondary Exchanges and new LP pairs).

5% for the Team/development (5 year total lock, 20% vested release annually)

3.5% Presale Sold

1.5% Initial LP(2years)

0.005% (successful bounty airdrop claimed)

Nektr Token Supply

Liquidity Generation


Nektr will receive 5% of total revenue from N3ST3D Web3 Marketplace Splitter Contract

40% of N3ST3D payment Apps fees generated will be added to NKT/Matic and NKT/WETH Liquidity Pools.

60% of N3ST3D payment Apps fees will be used for NEKTR marketing and app development and server maintenance

5% Buy Tax and 5% Sale Tax Automatically converted to Matic for LP Pool addition and token marketing expenses

Nektr Features

Nektr 3d Web3 Apps

Roadmap 2023-2024



  • Airdrop and Bounty Campaign
  • Nektr Website deployment
  • Whitepaper 2023-2024
  • AMA and Twitter Space Marketing
  • Social Media and discord server
  • Smart Contract development
  • Q3


  • Public Presale on Pinksale
  • Listing on QuickSwap and SushiSwap
  • Cmc listing and coingecko listing
  • Listing on 2 tier exchanges
  • Development of Nektr Payment App
  • B2B Marketing and Partnerships
  • Q4


  • Integration of backend Servers
  • TestNet deployment of Payment App
  • Listing on Centralised exchanges
  • Press Release and Reddit Campaign
  • Youtube Videos and Tutorials
  • Nektr development Team expansion
  • Q1


  • Deployment of Payment App Beta to Mainnet
  • Marketing for Nektr payment App
  • Youtube and Tiktok Video Marketing
  • Payment App for Android OS
  • Nektr API integration and Mail server
  • Medium and Crypto blogs articles
  • 3D Crypto rocket