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Our team

Ra Young the founder of Nektr bsc.
Ra “The Kushite” Young - Washington, USA
Founder, President & CEO
DUANE MARTIN Co - Found , Vp and CTO at Nektr Bsc
Duane Martin aka Cosmicknox - Goa , India
Co-Founder , VP & CTO
Kiara - Nevada, USA
Cannabis Industry Advisor 
Olayimika - Nigeria
Content Writer
Chidozie Okafor from Akwa, Anambra, Nigeria .
Chidozie Okafor - Anambra, Nigeria
Africa Manager, Strategist
Danielle  - NY , USA
Chief Vibrations Officer

Our Strategic Partners

Dr. Dan - Maine, USA

Creator of the Physix Sapien System, Xenopreneur

NEKTR x Physix: Stoner Sapien for South Africa

Scholarship for the development of the next generation of blockchain technologists through machine learning and human expression interface. Pioneers of a new digital world coming from the continent of the origin of man.

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