Our Strategic Partners
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Dr. Dan - Maine, USA

Creator of the Physix Sapien System, Xenopreneur

NEKTR x Physix: Stoner Sapien for South Africa

Scholarship for the development of the next generation of blockchain technologists through machine learning and human expression interface. Pioneers of a new digital world coming from the continent of the origin of man.


Part 1: Color Spectrum Human Expression Survey-Generates a Cannabis Plant Output Expression (Movement and Bud Color) with specific terpene dominant strain suggestions to recenter individual at their desired location on the human condition color scale.

Part 2: Avatar Ascendence-The “know thyself” survey. Sapien Study with 10 research subjects that respond with color to a series of TBD curriculum designed to measure the self. Translation of these profiles to algorithms. Analyze the color response of fight or flight, engage/disengage response these avatars to respond to various conflict or harmony events. Avatar representation of the self in a 4D and creation paint brush. The goal a 4D “heat map” of near real time news reactions or ad reactions in a target market.

Part 3: Eden Overlay (0th Amendment City Template)- Avatar creates home space for user based on “know thyself” learnings. Additional Scope TBD

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